Special Ops Gibraltar is your local activity provider for all those cannot-do-at-home activities unique to Gibraltar and caters for:

Most zombie survivals are simply an elaborate game of tag or catch. We go a few steps further…well maybe a hike further!

You shall initially start as a refugee seeking help. Zombies can’t swim and this may well be a route of escape. Make sure you wrap your mobile in a plastic bag!… You may be extracted by boat.

We shall have troops on the ground with transport, but don’t expect to be chauffeured around all night.

You will have an armband which denotes that you are human and fresh meat for the infected. You will be medically examined to ensure that you are not infected before you are allowed to enter the STRONG HOLD where we will have food and *drinks available.

SAFE ZONES: Designated bars and restaurants will offer you shelter from the infected. After recent research our scientists have proved that a specific electromagnetic frequency works as a deterrent and the infected will not be able to enter the Safe Zone. Here you can buy food and drink to keep you going.

You will be given tasks and locations to visit with the aim to scavenge food, water, ammunition and medical supplies. The problem lies when those hoarding these supplies don’t want you to take them!

If you are caught by one of the infected, your armband will be taken from you and the zombie will keep it as a trophy of how many humans he/she has ripped to shreds. At this point you can choose to become a zombie and chase the remaining humans. By going to one of the check points you can get some makeup and join the zombie hoard.

What to bring:

Hiking boots or trainers (strictly no sandals, flip flops or the like). Dry socks in case you get your feet wet.

A jacket or something should you feel a bit chilly.

A rucksack or the likes to carry your goodies.

A torch; recommended rather than using your mobile which you can drop and smash! 

WalkingDead: Zombie Survival

Although we call it Lazer – Tag there are no actual lasers involved. It uses infra-red light like your TV remote, so no eye protection is needed. It is environmentally friendly and it doesn’t hurt. Although some initially say this is a negative, remember we are team building and NOT team destroying.

It matters not if you are a lone wolf or belong to a team, our events will challenge you and put you in real-sim scenarios all around the fortress of Gibraltar including our sellout Walking Dead Zombie Survival.

Be prepared to engage ex and serving security forces who will only go down fighting.


*Alcohol will be available for those of legal drinking age, yet we strongly suggest responsible drinking and remind you that you are responsible for your own actions and the participation in this event is no excuse for antisocial behavior, excessive noise or not respecting traffic and other people.
                                                                                                Whilst there is no age restriction (as in real life), those under 16 will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. This means the whole family can put themselves to the test in this apocalypse scenario. Whilst we have participants as young as 9, please note this is a horror themed event.

There are many international events if you want to take it to the next level, yet visiting teams will invariably attempt to invade for which we must prepare to defend…

Nulli expugnabilis hosti – Conquered By No Enemy. More…