About WalkingDead: Zombie Survival:

Special Ops Gibraltar continues to offer out-of-the-box adventures with Gibraltar as its backdrop which makes our events extra special.
Don’t wait to buy your ticket as many in previous events have been disappointed to find we are sold out.

Special Ops Gibraltar is your local activity provider for all those cannot-do-at-home activities unique to Gibraltar and caters for Lazer-Tag adventures, www.espionage.games, speedboat trips, snorkelling helicopter charters and more. Tel +350 5403 2555

www.walkingdead.games is a family friendly activity where we tame the goriness and scariness depending on the age of the youngest participant. We host +16 events where no

Our Zombie Survival Lazer-Tag prices depend on the complexity, skill level and location we intend to run the event. Basic Birthday parties start from £220 for 15 gamers for a game play duration of 2 hours (i.e. two and half hours total event time). It is essential that you secure your special day with a deposit as we require at least 48 hours notification time to the RGP.

We cater for corporate and team building events, Birthdaystag and hen parties, as well as our weekly open events. Notice is required for more specialised training albeit law enforcement or military drills.

Although we call it Lazer – Tag there are no actual lasers involved. It uses infra-red light like your TV remote, so no eye protection is needed. It is environmentally friendly and it doesn’t hurt. Although some initially say this is a negative, remember we are team building not team destroying.

It matters not if you are a lone wolf or belong to a team, our events will challenge you and put you in real-sim scenarios all around the fortress of Gibraltar.

Be prepared to engage ex and serving security forces who will only go down fighting.

There are many international events if you want to take it to the next level, yet visiting teams will invariably attempt to invade for which we must prepare to defend… Nulli expugnabilis hosti –